If I had a kitchen, I would definitely choose a PVC folding door

Advantage 1: open and closed

The pvc folding door can be switched freely. Its greatest advantage lies in its flexibility. It can shrink to both sides to maintain a maximum bay distance. Look, what's the difference between this and not installing a door? The most comfortable thing is that when you cooking, the folding doors can be fully opened for ventilation. It can block lampblack well,make you have a prefect room,it also looks beautiful.

When you eating, the folding door will be closed, which will become small. This will help keep the room quiet and tidy. As for the opening and closing angle of the folding door, we can manually adjust it according to our own needs.

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Advantage 2: The room looks bigger

The folding door, whether open or closed, has extensibility in visual design. It combines the outdoor and indoor, which opens the field of vision more widely, while the indoor light also increases a lot. It shows that the space is large, and the sense of depression disappears in an instant, greatly improving the comfort of living.It can save space well.

Advantages 3: It is convenient to clean,waterproof

In our room,we have bathroom,have inner room,have kitchen,we can use pvc folding door for this area if you is very convenient to keep the largest room .

Of course, the folding door itself has its own design style, some look simple and atmospheric, and some have a more transparent vision. You can choose the appropriate glass folding door according to your needs. As for the top track of the folding door, you can choose the ground track, but it is better not to choose the one that protrudes from the ground, which is very convenient to take care of at ordinary times, saves energy in health, and prevents tripping.

Post time: Jan-03-2023