We should install PVC folding doors in the kitchen instead of sliding doors

We should install pvc folding doors instead of sliding doors in the kitchen. The kitchen is a place for cooking. Our Chinese cooking habits are frying, frying and stir frying, and the soot will be heavy. In order to avoid the spread of lampblack, which will affect other rooms, most people will install partitions for the kitchen.

In the past, when decorating new houses, glass sliding doors will be installed in the kitchen, which can not only isolate lampblack, but also will not affect the lighting and permeability. However, the traditional glass sliding door has many shortcomings and is now outdated. Smart people install folding doors, which are not only practical but also can save space.

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Disadvantages of sliding doors

The traditional sliding door is opened by sliding through the track on the ground. The track protrudes several centimeters above the ground, which is not only ugly, but also easy to stumble if you are not careful.

In addition, the track is a groove with the opening facing upwards, which is easy to accumulate dust, hide dirt, and is very troublesome to clean.

If the inside of the track is not cleaned up or is often trampled and deformed, the sliding wheel of the sliding door will be blocked, affecting the convenience of opening the door at ordinary times.

Another disadvantage is that the sliding door can only be opened in half. It is doomed that another glass door cannot be opened, which takes up more space.

Now PVC folding sliding doors are popular

The folding door sliding door, as its name implies, is a folding door leaf. When you open the door, you just need to gently push it in one direction.

1. Space saving

The folding door can fold each door panel together, and can open all kitchen doors. Unlike the traditional glass sliding door, it can only be opened in half and fully, which can save more space.

2. Bright atmosphere

Because the folding door can fully open the kitchen door, it can make the kitchen view more open, and the effect is naturally more bright and atmospheric.

3. Convenient access

Folding doors allow the kitchen to switch flexibly between closed and open types without worrying about opening and closing. Fully open the door, so it is very convenient to get in and out or carry things.

4. Convenient cleaning

Because the folding door has no track, there is no sanitary dead space on the ground, which is more convenient and convenient to clean.

Post time: Jan-03-2023